Sanford, Pierson, Thone & Strean is committed to serving our clients and community during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Our office is currently open during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We continue to implement protocols to help keep our staff and our clients healthy during this period of heightened illness risk. The below information outlines how we will serve our clients and community during this extraordinary time.
For our clients, the following protocols are currently in place:
  • Expanding the ability for any client to conduct meetings/appointments with attorneys via phone or video-conference.
  • Requiring all clients who are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to refrain from coming into the office.
  • Requesting all clients use hand-sanitizer upon entering the office.
Some of the processes in place in our office are as follows:
  • Disinfecting all workstations, door handles, copiers, conference rooms, break rooms, and other high traffic areas.
  • Requiring all employees to wash hands when they arrive, as well as multiple times throughout the day.
  • Requiring all interaction to be at a 6 foot distance and encouraging as much as possible to be via intercom.
  • Encouraging broad remote work policies to help prevent spread and ease the burden on our families.
  • Placing hand-sanitizer throughout the office for staff and client use.
  • Requiring all workers to stay home for 14 days in the event they display any symptoms of COVID-19.
We will remain attentive to guidelines and changes put out by State and Federal Courts, the State and Federal Legislature and the Center for Disease Control and we will work to keep our clients informed about how those changes may affect their legal matters. As we all know, the situation is evolving daily and we will update you with any changes that we implement in our office.